Why Plasters?

Timeless Clay and Lime Plasters

At Living Plasters, we truly believe that plaster walls offer the most comfort, beauty, and highest performance over any other wall covering. Natural plasters made from clay or lime fill a living or working space with a comfortable feeling. They even improve your building's health. In addition, these durable and unique materials complement any design feature or material choice. We can also customize the color and texture to meet your specific needs. So, what makes plaster a better wall covering than paint, wood, or wallpaper for your home, office, studio, or business?


Our plasters are made of materials straight from the earth and minimally processed.


Managing indoor humidity, plaster will make your space more comfortable without extra heating or cooling costs.


Naturally VOC and toxin free, natural plasters keep a home's indoor environmental quality high.


Easily customizable color and shine with mineral pigments, mica, or other sands. Textures can range from silky smooth and shining to a more traditional and textured adobe look.

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