Why Plaster?

At Living Plasters, we truly believe that plaster walls offer the most comfort, beauty, and highest performance over any other wall covering. Natural plasters made from clay or lime imbibe a living or working space with a comfortable feeling. They even improve your building health. In addition, these durable and unique materials complement any design feature or material choice. We can customize the color and texture to meet your specific needs.

Clay Plasters

Clay plasters are made with the most local materials possible, since we are lucky to live in colorful Colorado, where many of the soils contain high amounts of clay. We also source clays from other regions in order to get a wider range of color. Having clay walls in a home offer many benefits, including managing humidity in the air and releasing negative ions, which may make it easier to keep clean than painted walls. Clay is also quite durable and extremely easy to repair if damage does occur.

Lime Plasters

Lime plasters are made from limestone, which has been burned at very high temperatures, then crushed into a fine powder. Once this plaster is mixed with water and exposed to air, it begins to cure chemically, returning to its original chemical composition as limestone. This reaction results in a very hard and durable plaster. Lime plasters also manage indoor air quality and humidity, and offer a luminous beauty.