Lime Plaster Finishes

Lime plaster is our top choice for the walls and ceilings in your home, office, or store. This plaster offers durability and luminescent beauty, in a range of color and texture options.

Seamless Showers

Moroccan tadelakt is a polished lime plaster that works beautifully in showers. Say goodbye to grout lines, and hello to easy cleaning with natural products.

Polished Lime Plaster

A specialty of ours, polished lime plasters have a long history of use worldwide. The polished and burnished surface of this plaster is silky smooth and offers water resistance. This makes it perfect for creating back-splashes, sinks, and bathroom walls.


Limewash gives an old world feel to a space. More matte in finish than a trowel-applied plaster, limewashes work best on porous substrates, including natural stone, brick, stucco, and plaster. Our lime wash is made using lime and mineral pigment.