Lime Plasters

Benefits of Lime Plasters

We love lime plasters. We have installed tens of thousands of square feet of this material in local homes and businesses. Here are some reasons why it is an ideal wall covering.


Lime is naturally reflective and refractive, especially when mixed with sands or other mineral additives. These qualities give your walls a unique beauty.


Lime plasters also manage indoor air quality and humidity.


Lime plasters have a long history in the building industry. This time tested material is perfect for historic renovation or restoration, or new projects.


Lime walls cure to a very strong and resilient finish. There is inherent flexibility, which allows movement without cracking. They are also repairable, by a skilled craftsperson.

Creating Lime Plaster

Lime plasters are made from limestone, which has been burned at very high temperatures, then crushed into a fine powder. Once this plaster is mixed with water and exposed to air, it begins to cure chemically, returning to its original chemical composition as limestone. The curing process actually absorbs carbon from the air. This reaction results in a very hard and durable plaster.

lime plaster red polished lime plaster backsplash