Custom Plaster Mix

We offer the ability to mix a custom lime or clay plaster from locally sourced materials to get the ultimate one-of-a-kind wall finish.

Limestrong Lime Finishes

Limestrong is a new bagged plaster mix from Idaho. Regionally sourced, this product goes up like a flash and offers durability and beauty.

American Clay Plaster

American clay is a bagged clay plaster mix which we love to install. They offer a wide range of colors. Made regionally in New Mexico. Earthen walls make a home feel great.

tadelakt shower

Seamless Showers

Moroccan tadelakt is a polished lime plaster that works beautifully in showers. Say goodbye to grout lines, and hello to easy cleaning with natural products.

Polished Lime Plaster

A specialty of ours, polished lime plasters have a long history throughout various regions of the world. The polished and burnished surface of this plaster is silky smooth and can be finished to offer water resistance. This makes it perfect for creating seamless showers, back-splashes, sinks, or even tubs.

Fireplace Plaster

Whether clay or lime, the modern fireplace is a great feature to accent in your new home or redesign, and what better way than to use a natural plaster finish to make it stand out.