Clay and Earthen Plasters

We mix clay plaster using the most local materials possible, since we are lucky to live in colorful Colorado, where our local soils contain high amounts of clay. We also source clay and VOC-free, mineral-based pigments from other areas, in order to get a wider range of color.


Having clay walls in a home offers many benefits, including managing humidity in the air. Clay naturally releases negative ions, which mimics the qualities of air found in nature.


Earthen plaster is quite durable and hard, and extremely easy to repair if damage does occur. It’s also easily possible to change your wall color with a clay based paint or a new layer of plaster when it’s time to redecorate.

Low Impact

This green alternative to paint also offers low embodied energy. The minimal transport and low energy required to create clay plasters mitigates climate-related impacts when building, redecorating, or remodeling a home.