The Story of Japanese Trowels

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We found this amazing blog entry that details the history of Japanese trowels. In our plastering jobs, we use trowels extensively, and own a variety of kinds. I often find that the Japanese trowels have a better feel, balance, and usability than others in our quiver. Maybe that’s because the history of the Japanese trowel […]

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Tadelakt 101

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We install a lot of tadelakt showers, walls, sinks, and back-splashes. We even teach workshops on the process as a part of a couple of natural building and plaster workshops and internships. Plus, we all have a lot of love for the craft. It is one method of creating a polished plaster, which is specifically […]

Rediscovering Plaster

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Check out this great article from a few years ago in the Denver Post all about how people are rediscovering plaster: clay, lime, and gypsum. Some of our favorite quotes: “A plastered wall is so much more than drywall with a painted faux treatment on it. A plastered wall has real depth to it.” Earthen […]

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Plasters and Humidity

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We have mentioned that natural plasters are the best wall covering option for controlling indoor air quality. Learn more about how lime and clay plasters help manage indoor humidity levels, any why that is important for your health. Why is indoor humidity a factor in air quality? The idea of improving indoor air quality might […]

Why Plasters?

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Timeless Clay and Lime Plasters At Living Plasters, we truly believe that plaster walls offer the most comfort, beauty, and highest performance over any other wall covering. Natural plasters made from clay or lime fill a living or working space with a comfortable feeling. They even improve your building’s health. In addition, these durable and […]

Lime Plasters

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Benefits of Lime Plasters We love lime plasters. We have installed tens of thousands of square feet of this material in local homes and businesses. Here are some reasons why it is an ideal wall covering. Beautiful Lime is naturally reflective and refractive, especially when mixed with sands or other mineral additives. These qualities give your […]